Happy Snap Photo Booth Hire

Terms & Conditions

Photo Booth hire

It takes approx an 30 - 45 minutes to set the booth up, we then operate it for 3 hours, it then takes a further 30 - 45 minutes to pack down.

Booth size

The booth comes with a 22" touch screen ELO monitor for ease of use, the latest Fuji printer for high quality prints.

The booth measures 1.3m wide by 2.5m and is 7ft tall. It also comes flat packed so it is easy to set up anywhere.

Key rings will be brought to the event as an optional purchase for guests at £1 each, guests can pick which photo they would like in the key ring. If you would like to pre purchase these for your guests or you would prefer these not to be available, please contact us

  • The agreed hire time is based on the actual usage time at the venue, should allocated supplies be used, the actual hire time may be reduced.
  • A deposit must be paid to secure a booking and a booking form must be completed.
  • Payment must be made 10 days before the event or if by prior arrangement, on the evening of the event and before the equipment is set up, we observe operator professional etiquette which asks the hirer to please contact the operator and make payment without having to be asked, a receipt will be issued.
  • The hirer will arrange for sufficient space to be provided in positioning the photo booth to allow safe use of the equipment by staff and guests.
  • The hirer will arrange for the photo booth's final position to be close to an electrical socket of 220-240v fitted with a 13amp trip.
  • The operator will provide a copy of its insurance liability should the venue request one.
  • The operator will operate its equipment with the best intentions all times.
  • We will endeavour to provide the supplies and equipment ordered, but the operator reserves the right to substitute supplies or equipment at any time.
  • The operator cannot be held responsible for any failure to provide a service of supplies or equipment if the operator has no control over the circumstances which withhold the supply.
  • In the event that the operator has no option but to fail in the supply of equipment hire and supplies, any monies paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible and in all cases, within 10 days of the planned date.
  • The hirer agrees that in providing a booking form and the payment of at least a deposit, the hirer accepts these terms and conditions.


If you have any other questions about the terms & conditions please contact us on 07970077826